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Our furniture is 100% made in Spain by our artisans using traditional techniques. Made by hand, taking care of every detail to ensure that each object is unique and unrepeatable.

We carefully select the materials for our furniture. Top quality leathers treated with natural dyes, ecological products and woods from responsibly managed forests.

Our designs are timeless and have a straight-line form. Our furniture and objects add beauty and balance to the spaces in which they are placed.


“Visions” constructed in a way to explore the limits of the scales of different objects and the relationships between the domestic space and the landscape. Creations woven by a personal narrative which often seem to have a playful nature. The result is ambiguous landscapes which require the curiosity of the spectator to define them.

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We are redefining the most iconic furniture pieces, such as the Riaza chair or the Infantes armchair. Designs of the 1960s, 1980s and 1990s which we have adapted to our times. We have taken their spirit to create new objects and furniture designed to live alongside the latest art and architecture.

Dreamlike landscapes where stories overlap. Mutations and contradictions that construct imaginary scenes, inviting us to enter.

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